Homebridge Alexa Cloud Services

What is this service ?
This service is the cloud components needed to support the homebridge-alexa plugin. It enables your Amazon Alexa to control your homebridge devices and accessories.

How do I setup the service ?
The steps for setup and configuration of the service are documented in the README. And entails creating a cloud account for the service here, installing and configuring the plugin in your homebridge environment, and finally enabling and linking the Homebridge smart home skill from the Amazon Alexa App.

Is this a free service ?
When you create a new account it comes with a free trial period for 7 days to enable you to try out the service before requiring a subscription to continue. You can setup the subscription at anytime within the trial period, and the subscription will start automatically on the last day of the trial period.

How much does Homebridge Alexa Cloud Services subscription cost?
A monthly subscription costs $2.00 USD per month, and an annual subscription costs $22.00 USD per year. As this offering has been very successful the ongoing costs to run and support the cloud services have grown to the point where it is now larger than pocket change, and rather than reducing functionality or discontinuing the service we made the switch to a subscription based model to continue to offer the current high levels of service.

Do I need to wait to subscribe ?
You can setup the subscription today, and the first payment and subscription will be dated on your trial expiry date ( 7 days from now ).